Legal services for developers

Legal support for developers includes advisory regarding the best form of conducting development business and legal consultations regarding agreements with building contractors and clients.

Legal services regarding development investments

I help developers to complete the entire development investment process – starting from choosing the right form of conducting business and verifying the legal status of the plot for investment, through preparing contracts with building contractors, to drafting contracts for the clients.

Cooperation with experts who deal with various aspects of the real estate market allows me to provide comprehensive legal services and solid support in the course of investment implementation.

Which documents are necessary to complete a development investment?

Not all projects in the development industry require complicated legal documentation. In case of smaller development investments only basic documents are required.

The exact scope of the necessary documentation depends on the details of the project (e.g. at what stage is the investment, what is the planned amount of usable space, how the investment is financed, are there any commercial premises etc.).

Agreements for clients
  • a reservation agreement, a development agreement with an information prospect, a purchase agreement
  • the agreements are adapted to the requirements of the developer act and other regulations, as well as to the requirements of banks for the purposes of keeping bank accounts for developer’s clients
  • the agreements secure developer’s interest within the limits permitted by the law
  • the documents reduce the risks that most often occur in development investments, such as: delays in handing over the premises to the clients, defects of premises beyond the developer’s control, etc.
Legal services regarding development investments
  • advisory on the best form of business activity (limited liability company etc.) and on the transfer of real estate to the company
  • verifying the legal status of the real estate for investment
  • analysis and negotiation of contracts with building contractors and architects
  • preparation of contracts for apartment buyers and contracts for tenants or buyers of commercial premises
  • preparation of promotion or sales terms and conditions
  • preparation of a customer service procedure with templates of necessary documents
  • drafting of a privacy policy and customer data processing policy
  • training for employees on the practical legal aspects of development investments

Costs of legal services for developers

The cost of legal services depends on the scope of work required in the specific case.

After analyzing the details of the planned project, I recommend the scope of necessary documentation and estimate the costs of the services.

What are the most important legal documents for the development procedure?

In the course of cooperation, I advise what actions should be taken and which documents should be obtained in order to complete the development investment within the assumed date.

Very often developers do not obtain all the necessary documents or apply for the necessary documents too late, which causes delays and material losses.

Sometimes lack of one document can stop the entire investment process. In order to avoid such surprises a legal investment schedule should be prepared. The schedule includes a list of documents needed at each stage, which makes it much easier to find out when and what actions should be taken.

Legal assistance in all aspects of development investments 

In the course of the investment process, a real estate developer makes a number of decisions that require legal consultation.

Professional legal advisory is essential for real estate development companies. While cooperating with real estate developers, I am in constant contact with my clients, providing ongoing legal support.

The scope of cooperation is flexible. If any unexpected circumstances arise – I advice how to deal with them and how to quickly resolve the crisis in order to bring the development project to a successful conclusion.

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The distance of the investment will not be a problem

I often work entirely remotely, which makes it possible to handle investments from all over the country. We can discuss the details of the case over the phone, by email or at a meeting in my Warsaw office. Sometimes it is also necessary to carry out activities outside Warsaw (meetings, negotiations with the contractors, etc.), which will not be a problem.

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