Jakub Al-Shaick

As a real estate lawyer I know the real estate market from the legal and business perspective. I cooperate with experts who deal with the technical and financial aspects of the real estate market, which allows me to provide comprehensive legal services.

Jakub Al-Shaick

real estate lawyer



Real estate law

I specialize in the real estate area of law, which allows me to provide comprehensive legal services related to the real estate market.

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Legal services for developers
Real estate audit
Safe real estate rental
Agricultural real estates
Development agreement verification
Construction investments

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My expertise includes a lot of complex legal cases, for example:
Development investments
  • verifying the legal status of a real estate for investment purposes
  • advising on the optimal form of company for the project and the method of transferring the real estate to the company
  • analysis and negotiation of contracts with building contractors and architects
  • drawing up contracts for clients buying residential and commercial premises
Equity crowdfunding on the real estate market
  • legal advisory regarding creating an investment platform for equity crowdfunding on the real estate market
Purchase, construction and commercialization process of an office building

participation in a team of lawyers and experts responsible for the preparation and implementation of an investment in the following scope:

  • verification of the legal status and documents regarding the purchase of the plot
  • preparing documents related to the construction of the office building
  • legal services regarding the real estate commercialization process
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