Real estate legal advisory

Legal advisory regarding real estates

  • Efficient business operation requires consultations with specialists in order to reduce potential legal risk. This is particularly important in the case of entrepreneurs who operate on the real estate market, because the legal status of real estate located in Poland is often complicated.
  • I have cooperated with large enterprises, small and medium-sized companies as well as individual investors. My expertise regarding business practices on the real estate market allows me to recommend solutions that will be tailored to the size and financial capabilities of any company.

Legal services for real estate companies

  • Key business decisions regarding real estates should be preceded by legal consultations aimed at identifying potential legal risks.
  • I help solve simple as well as complex legal issues related to real estate. I advise in such matters as ensuring access to a public road, transmission easement, conversion of perpetual usufruct right into ownership, lease of land for photovoltaic installations, separation of real estate from the company and other issues related to real estate law.
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