Investment and construction process

Planning the investment process

  • Investment processes require development of a strategy adapted to the realities and conditions of the project, which will allow to reduce potential legal risks.
  • I provide legal services to investors at every stage of the investment and construction process.
  • I cooperate with real estate experts – designers, appraisers and investor supervision inspectors, which allows me to combine legal knowledge with the experience of other specialists and provide comprehensive legal services for the investment process.

Legal services regarding investment and construction processes include the following issues:

  • preparation of documents related to the investment process: company agreements, consortium agreements, cooperation agreements, agreements with external investors
  • audit of the legal status of real estate
  • negotiating terms of real estate purchase
  • legal assistance in developing the concept of obtaining external financing – including, in particular negotiating the terms of a loan agreement
  • preparation of contracts related to the construction process: contracts for construction works with the general contractor or subcontractors, contracts with designers etc.
  • legal service regarding commercialization process of the buildings
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